Brunate, standing high above the shores of Lake Como"the balcony of the Alps",
is a panoramic terrace
high above the shores of Lake Como. The calmness of its
surroundings, the beauty of its scenery and the magical
perspective of its panorana have made it a highly desirable
destination for escaping the commotion of city life and
replenishing energy in a peaceful and healthy environment.
Brunate's unique geographical location, close to the main
route between Milan and nearby Switzerland is a further
important attraction.

Nestled between the Alps of Lombardy, framed by forests
and close to Lake Como, Brunate offers enchanting pathways
that pass Art Nouveau villas and ancient mule tracks,
before revealing soaring scenic viewpoints overlooking
the city of Como, the Po Valley and the western Alps
down to the Ligurian Apennines.

Walking & Hiking

There are many different possibilities for walking, hiking and
trekking, by foot or bicycle and ebike; ranging from easy and family-friendly paths to more
challenging alternatives suitable for mountain enthusiasts.
Discover timeworn tracks and old trails from which to admire
the unique landscapes that give the area its beauty.

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The historic centre of Brunate is characterized by narrow streets and
staircase alleyways, old buildings with stone portals and interior
courtyards, some dating back to the fourteenth century. Pathways that
combine historical and scenic interest emanate from the village, leading
to Art Nouveau villas, churches and chapels, including that dedicated
to St Rita of Cascia, which is the smallest sanctuary in Europe.

The Lake

Lake Como is one of the most fascinating areas of Lombardy, with
a spectacular landscape, rich in breathtaking panoramic viewpoints,
that includes architectural, artistic and scenic allure. The amalgam
of ancient villages, churches, medieval towers, majestic villas and
lush gardens that follow one another without interruption blends
harmoniously into the blue water and the green Alps of Lombardy.
It is an ideal area for a vacation, offering art, history, nature, sports
and relaxation.


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